Creating a user experience that gives the Finance users an easy navigation system for the market in one full view.
- Kari Everson (UI/UX Design + Product Design)
- Ryuichi Hirano (Principal Design Management)
- Dingding Gut (UI/UX Design Support + Leverage)
- Brian Bell (Principal Project Management Finance)
- Domenico Napoli (Finance Project Management Support)
My Roles
Wireframing, Prototyping, Leveraging Designs from Microsoft MSN Sports, User Accessibility, Design System, User Problem Solving
The Problem
We want to consolidate the navigation menu so that Finance users can easily navigate the market with one full menu of topics.
The Solution
Leverage designs from Microsoft MSN Sports nav for Finance
Sports nav designs that we leveraged - designed by Dingding Goo
New Finance nav
Logistics of design
Finance Nav Bar Design Exploration
Tools and Resources
Figma, Microsoft Teams, UXLabs
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