A Human Interface Guide (HIG) for Microsoft Finance. One document holding the rules and guides for Finance to follow when creating products. 
- Kari Everson (UI/UX Design + Product Design + Design Systems)
- Ji Lee (UI/UX Design Assistance)
- Ryuichi Hirano (Principal Design Management)
My Roles
I was the lead designer on this product.
Creating, building, and setting a Microsoft Finance HIG. Creating and collecting all Finance designs ever made and putting them into an Audit. Then finding patterns across the products to start setting a design system. Thus began the Microsoft Finance HIG.
The Problem
There is no Microsoft Finance design system set in place since day 1. Because of this products were made with all sorts of systems leaving all of Microsoft Finance's products looking different. Due to this all sorts of identities and design systems were created.
And there is no documentation of any of this nor a place to find patterns in order to create a structured system.
The Solution
Creating a Finance HIG, documenting all the design systems ever created for Finance and finding patterns to set a system for Microsoft Finance to use for years to come.
Finance designers at Microsoft creating products that need to follow Microsoft Finance systems.
Tools and Resources
Figma, Microsoft Teams
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