I'm a UI/UX designer and Systems designer currently based in Seattle, WA
I like solving problems through UI/UX + interaction design. 
Passionate about human-computer interaction, research, and aesthetics, I aim to apply my design thinking skills providing better user experiences and solving real-world problems. Two of the most important things that brought me to becoming a designer is that I can create but I can also solve problems. Through design work processes, I can help systematically extract, teach, learn and apply these human-centered techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way – in our designs, in our businesses, in our societies, in our lives.
I want to learn, to create, to teach, and to apply my designs to help solve problems.
2021 - Present
UI/UX Designer

2019 - 2021
Lead UI/UX Designer, PM, Graphic Designer

Microsoft Hack 4 Good
2020 - 2021
Music as Language Project - Lead UI/UX Designer
Team Rubicon - UI/UX Designer
Project TIRA - Lead UI/UX Designer, Systems Designer
Project CORA - - Lead UI/UX Designer, Systems Designer

Lead UI/UX Designer, Visual Designer

Sandy Russell Creative
Visual Designer
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